Sandhelden unveils customizable and 3D printable bathroom designs made from natural material

Image - Kosmos | Sandhelden

Sandhelden, a creative manufacturing startup, supports artists and designers in a wide range of products and continuously invests in sustainable and recyclable raw materials to achieve its projects.

The startup has recently unveiled the KOSMOS collection (which means “order” or “world” in Greek), a series of products that aims to highlight the minimalist-classic bathroom collection it has designed.  Sandhelden strikes a balance between purist design and a focus on sand as a material. Following the principles of minimal design, Kosmos simplifies every design element to its purest essence, just as everything in nature can be reduced to its original natural element: earth, fire, air and water.

With this approach, the goal is to reduce the complexity of previous designs and achieve forms that are fundamental to human understanding, have a calming effect and can relax the mind. Each model consists of minimalist, modern and timeless designs with a clear line as the design language.

The sustainable and high-quality material sand, processed in 3D printing, underlines the naturalness and uniqueness of the collection.

The models, designed in pairs, differ slightly in the shape of the lower heel. Some have an elegant and straight base, while the others have a curved and dynamic finish. At KOSMOS, clean lines, simplicity and monochromatic products invite everyone to enjoy their bathroom experience.

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