Runout becomes first user of metal 3D printer Tritone® DOMINANT

Tritone Technologies has announced the installation of its first beta system. The Tritone® DOMINANT will be installed at Runout, an Israel-based provider of accurate CNC machining and milling for industrial, HiTech and Aerospace applications.

Known as the DOMINANT before it got its patent, we first saw the machine at Formnext 2019 and got to know the company behind this innovation a few weeks later : Tritone Technologies.

Tritone DOMINANT is an important addition to our operations, “said Arnon Langevitz, Co-CEO and Founder of Runout. “With its high-quality AM capabilities, we are better equipped to serve our customers in various applications. We are able to produce very accurate, repeatable parts in short timelines at a reduced cost. The DOMINANT system opens new opportunities of re-engineering and designs for our customers, which were not feasible before. We can now support them with weight reduction, producing a single merged part instead of separate pieces before, and complex internal passages.”

The manufacturer’s metal additive manufacturing system is based on the MoldJet® technology, designed for the manufacturing of large quantities of high-density parts. The Israel-based company has focused the development of the metal AM system around metal materials.

With the goal of addressing the rigorous requirements of industrial applications, Tritone has increased the availability of materials that already include stainless steels, titanium, tool steels, bronze, copper and alumina. The manufacturer has alsp improved print quality, precision and uniformity, higher throughput, and more streamlined post process of parts.

 “We are very excited to see Runout utilizing the Tritone DOMINANT.” Said Omer Sagi, VP Products and Business Development at Tritone. “Following the unveiling of DOMINANT last year, we have made a tremendous progress in adjusting it to the needs of serial production, from cut design to end parts. We continue to add more options of raw materials to address the market demands. The Runout installation marks a significant milestone for Tritone. We are ready to support them in making the best use of the system and looking forward to additional deployments.”

For a company that debuted one year ago in the AM industry, and given the time it takes to conclude a deal for industrial AM systems, this first deal is a good sign that Tritone has a valuable technology for the industry and it looks like the end of 2020 will see another installation of the beta system.

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