Rösler adds 3D Printing services to its AM Brand, AM Solutions

Mostly known for its 3D Post-processing solutions in the AM industry, the Rösler Group has launched AM Solutions to combine all its activities regarding additive manufacturing. The Group expands its services today with the launch of 3D Printing services.

These services will complete the comprehensive range of solutions offered by the newly founded company. Based in Italy, AM Solutions’ range of services will cover engineering, including optimization of the product design for additive manufacturing, but also actual 3D printing services, mechanical post processing, surface finishing and quality control.

Post-processing, an added value – Design phase, an essential part of AM Solutions services

AM Solutions is well aware of the fact that the design phase is a crucial step in an AM process. That’s why, AM Solutions has integrated a strong toolbox in-house. Experts leverage for instance the simulation tool Altair, CAD software Siemens NX and GOM 3D scanner Atos to ensure design flexibilities and achieve flawless additive manufacturing.

EOS 3D Printing Systems complete this software equipment. They are used with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. According to AM Solutions, these 3D printing systems guarantee both high precision, quality and repeatability of the printing results.

In case an additional machining step is required, the DMU 50 from DMG Mori, a 5-axis milling machine will help them achieve the desire outcomes of the 3D Printted components.

Lastly, AM Solutions has been created based on the extensive experience of Rösler in post-processing, a step that is often given second rate treatment in the additive manufacturing industry.

The Italy-based company explains that “during the design & engineering phase an assessment can be made, whether the customer requirements for a certain surface finish can be met, or whether a design modification is necessary. Depending on the task at hand, it is also possible to tweak existing processes or consumables in order to meet customer specifications. This know-how in the field of surface finishing helps prevent problems with the post processing stage and is key for a cost-effective additive manufacturing process.”

Just like in all 3D Printing companies worthy of that name, AM Solutions can ensure quality control of all components.

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