Roboze discusses new developments in 3D printing of carbon fiber composite materials, used as metal replacement

AM company Roboze obtained interesting results from the utilization of two flagship materials it developed: Carbon PA PRO, PA 6 reinforced with carbon fibers, and Carbon PEEK, PEEK matrix reinforced with carbon fibers.

The use of composite materials, capable of combining chemical-physical properties typical of traditional materials, such as metal alloys, ceramics and polymers, is gaining momentum across industries. As a reminder, when combined with AM, high-performance composite materials enable costs and time savings compared to traditional methods; and allow for a better optimization of production phases and the supply chain.

With the goal of increasing the performance and quality of the components produced through its solutions, Roboze has been assessing the use of  Carbon PA PRO and Carbon PEEK as metal replacement alternatives:

CARBON PA PRO: one of the strongest composite materials in Roboze’ portfolio

The new Carbon PA PRO has a higher concentration of carbon fibers which results in a 50% increase in properties compared to the previous solution.

Overall, combined with the Roboze 3D printing process, Carbon PA PRO is 1.6 times stronger than its predecessor and is more than twice as stiff, therefore, can withstand much more heavy mechanical loads, resulting in the strongest composite material Roboze has ever produced so far. Its tensile strength (171 MPa) is in the same order of magnitude as light aluminum alloys but at half the density.

This solution finds many uses in the manufacturing industry, for example for support frames in robotic production lines and, especially when combined with the design freedom of 3D printing, for the production of tools such as dowel devices and gripping fingers. It is also perfect in high mechanical stress applications such as motorsport where it has been used successfully in spoilers and other aerodynamic parts. Its outstanding properties also make it an excellent material for manufacturing aerospace structural components such as drone frames.

CARBON PEEK: the carbon fiber reinforced PEEK for parts with high structural characteristics

The new Carbon PEEK also has a higher concentration of carbon fibers than the previous solution, positively influencing various properties. Among these we underline a greater interlayer strength of 50% (the tensile strength of ZX is 55 MPa), greater elasticity, a better surface finish and it is easier to work. The result is that parts are stronger, have a better aesthetic quality, wear out more slowly and can be delivered more quickly to the end user.

It is used across a wide range of industries, from aerospace and defense to automotive, energy, industrial manufacturing, and motorsport. Its remarkable durability makes it a popular choice for extreme environments. Typical applications include bearing retainers, bushings, energy machining tools, seals, thrust washers, pump and compressor components, aircraft hardware and fasteners, mechanical components. Thanks to its excellent properties, including high toughness, very high continuous operating temperature and glass transition temperature, and high melting point, it is the perfect candidate for metal replacement applications, resulting in significant weight savings, a fact that is particularly relevant in industries such as aerospace and defense.



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