RIZE receives a 2nd GREENGUARD Certification; this time for its filaments, inks, and full-color composite 3D printer

RIZE has received GREENGUARD Certification for its RIZIUM ST filament material, inks, and XRIZE full-color composite 3D printer. This milestone for the RIZIUM Alliance makes RIZE the first industrial 3D printer manufacturer to be certified for full colour composite 3D printing.  Furthermore, this certification is the second one the company received for its 3D printers, the first one being meant for RIZE One.  

It’s been a few years now that UL is involved in training and certification programs that increase and recognize the capabilities of manufacturers in AM. This certification has helped several 3D printer manufacturers such as Digital Metal to easily establish themselves on new markets.

RIZE recently certified hybrid materials system is outstanding due to the combination of a filament-based extrusion process with a functional ink-based jetting process. Both processes combined allow for the fabrication of 3D printed composite parts in full color. As for the company’s filaments, they are based on unique cyclic olefin-based materials, they do not decompose at high temperatures, and have extremely low moisture absorption.

RIZE’s products are therefore safer for indoor use since they emit low levels of chemicals into indoor air during use and contribute to safer, healthier indoor air.

GREENGUARD Certification is rigorous for a reason – because indoor 3D printing use has long been an industry issue. As the first 3D printer, material and ink to earn GREENGUARD Certification, RIZE demonstrates its leadership and commitment to providing healthier indoor environments. We congratulate them on yet another sustainability and safety accomplishment,” said Alberto Uggetti, vice president and general manager for UL’s environment and sustainability division.

This sustainability and safety issue has been addressed by a number of research institutes and companies in the industry including Chemical Insights that gives key takeaways to use 3D Printers safely at home or in schools via its 3D printing toolkit.

The road towards safety and sustainability in 3D printing is still long and companies that are taking the right first steps now will need less efforts to lead the market.

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