Rize ONE 3D printer will build HMS Industries’ functional tooling for production

Rize ONE 3D printer is the choice of HMS Industries to build functional tooling for production. The manufacturer of custom metal stamping and industrial tooling aims to produce functional jigs and fixtures for holding parts in machines during CMM quality inspections.

Why Rize ONE 3D printer?

One of the advantage while using Rize’s 3D printer is that there is zero post-processing and we know how much professionals hate that stage of the manufacturing. Furthermore, the 3D printer would be easy to use according to HMS and enables on-demand production of replacement jigs and fixtures.

Furthermore, nothing to do with its qualities but for someone who has not used yet this 3D printer and who is looking for a new one, it should be noted that Rize One 3D printer already has a good reputation on the market. Indeed, Rize Inc. has extended its collaboration with Dassault Systèmes and the flagship product is at the heart of it. The hybrid printer designed in SOLIDWORKS enables end-use applications such as custom tooling, producing molds and custom and replacement parts.

This partnership with DS already testifies to the reliability the 3D printer can have, which has probably influences the choice of HMS Industries. However, if the manufacturer prides itself on strict quality control standards, that must definitely imply a certain process and a certain cost.

For $1,000 the jig and fixture, the manufacturing requires a specially trained team member to be taken off another job to produce the part. With their Rize One 3D printer, HMS employees design and print parts on demand in one day, freeing up a team member and saving up to two days per fixture vs. producing aluminum fixtures, and only costing approximately $40.00 per part. Moreover, Rize’s safe and sustainable biocompatible materials and process, without any VOCs or post-processing, enables the HMS team to operate Rize One in their tool shop without the need for any special ventilation, storage or disposal equipment.

Last, the HMS team also 3D prints complex parts to support the quoting process prior to machining the parts. This way, they can save time and cost regarding the possibility to re-machine the parts, therefore, increase customer satisfaction.


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