credit: LACE by Jenny Wu

Additive manufacturing enables to give a fresh boost to Rhea Solitaire, 3D printed Diamond Ring. The ring is launched as part of the collection of LACE by Jenny Wu, a 3D printing fine jewelry line.

Rhea is in fact a 3D printed solitaire engagement ring from the upcoming 2018 wedding ring collection on February 14, 2018.

A number of articles today is about Valentine’s Day, or jewellery; everything is made to give you some gift ideas. In this context, Marie Boltenstern, Managing Director of Boltenstern, a jewellery, was explaining her vision of 3D printing in the jewellery sector today.

Back to Rhea…

With the help of 3D printing technology, Rhea exhibits an architecturally inspired piece of jewelry that is a departure from the traditional wedding ring. With its unique asymmetrical curve and elegant twists, LACE embraces a bold elevated take on the classic solitaire ring.

Finished off with expert hand polishing and stone setting by their local craftsmen in downtown Los Angeles, LACE operates with the highest standard of ethics and care in mind and only sources conflict free or lab grown diamonds.


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