This market is a true potential to those who knows how to seize opportunities. The Latin American Market is still a nascent market. We barely count manufacturers that have established an office in the region…Actually we do now. AM specialist Renishaw has recently opened a facility in the region in order to provide customers with metrology products, healthcare and additive manufacturing.

Renishaw in Mexico

100 million pesos (5 million US Dollars) in a 3200 m² facility

With a wide range of conference rooms, training rooms and development labs, Renishaw engineers are well equipped to improve metrology, additive manufacturing and motion control in the country. Not to mention that the demonstration areas will enable the company to showcase the latest metrology equipment and process control applications, such as advanced scanning, calibration and gauging systems.

“Manufacturing is one of the biggest contributors to Mexico’s economy,” explained Fátima Oyervides, Marketing Manager at Renishaw Mexico. “We originally opened the subsidiary in 2012 and had five employees. Now, to keep up with industry growth in the country, particularly in the automotive and aerospace market, we have grown to a team of 40.”

“As we keep expanding, we will be able to offer more support to local industries. Our facility is not only here to give local support to partners by providing technical help and training; we are also here to educate and support the development of smart manufacturing in Mexico.”

It’s already been 45 years that demanding industries such as the automotive and the aerospace benefit from Renishaw expertise. This new facility completes a list of 36 subsidiaries that are located across the world.

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