Recreus adds a new Filament Reinforced With Carbon Fiber

Materials producer Recreus rings into the new year with an addition in its product portfolio: the PET-G CF, a PET-G based filament reinforced with carbon fiber.

PET-G, the basis of the new filament stands for polyethylene terephthalate glycol, a filament that integrates carbon fiber nanoparticles. The material delivers impact and wear-resistance, chemical and high thermal resistance, as well as high tenacity and low density to parts.

Ideal for technical and industrial parts, PET-G CF raises further interest from professionals with carbon fiber. Applications that can be achieved with the PET-G CF include electronics, machinery, automobiles and household appliances, as well as for creating chassis and enclosures, bicycle parts, accessories and textiles, casing covers or medical parts, such as prostheses or accessories and components for orthopedic mechanisms, to name a few.

We achieve an elastic modulus three times higher and a breaking strength 5 times higher than with conventional PET-G. It also has better dimensional stability and accuracy and a superior ability to resist deformation”, the company says.

For printing PET-G CF we recommend using hardened steel or ruby type nozzles, avoiding brass nozzles that tend to erode easily. In addition, use a printing temperature of 245-260 °C, with a bed temperature of 70°C and maintain a printing speed of 40-60 mm/s and a retraction speed of 20-50 mm/s at a distance of 1-2 mm, the company explains.

The new material is available in two sizes (700gr and 2.5kg) and in one diameter (1.75mm) of its original color. It completes a portfolio that already includes 4 materials.

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