Q&A – Sarah Goehrke, Owner of Additive Integrity, unveils her long-term partnerships

Sarah has built her life on words. Acknowledged as the former editor-in-chief of 3D Print.com, for 4 years, her image has been associated with this media to which she made a major contribution. She marked a true milestone in her career when she decided to move forward (alone). We decided to get to know her. We discovered a righteous and smart woman, with great ambitions for the additive manufacturing industry, and to a certain extent for Additive Integrity, her recently launched editorial services company. Discover in this Q&A her vision and expectations.

Sarah, you are known as the former editor-in-chief of 3D Print.com. Apart from that, what would you say if you had to introduce yourself?

I am a wordsmith, and have been focused on additive manufacturing since 2014. Following my resignation from the position of Editor-in-Chief of 3DPrint.com in July 2018, I founded my own editorial services company, Additive Integrity LLC, and am working with clients in publications and in the industry itself. My primary titles are Owner, Additive Integrity; and Managing Editor, Fabbaloo. I have built a very real passion for this industry and appreciate any opportunity to help share grounded, realistic information and insider insights in additive manufacturing. I am focused on building relationships, as this industry is so focused on collaborative efforts, and I remain outspoken regarding the need for diversity in the workforce.

What are you most proud of with regards to your former career?    

Regarding my work with 3DPrint.com, I was incredibly fortunate to build upon a foundation that the site’s founders built in establishing the platform and its initial network. It was a pleasure to expand that network and bring focus toward industrial applications, and to see the site through significant growth as a broader resource. Working with the team of full-time and freelance writers was a real privilege, as well, as they are talented journalists and wonderful people. During my tenure, we introduced webinars, online training courses, partnerships with a 3D printing service, and ways to connect the community. I am proud to see the site continue to grow and build up as a strong resource under the new Editor-in-Chief’s leadership; Joris Peels is a brilliant journalist and brings a wealth of experience.

What did you least appreciate about it?


What made you launch Additive Integrity? Any particular reason why you decided to provide your services to the AM industry?

In considering my next career move, it became clear that because this industry is so globally based it would be best to establish my own company in order to best work with international clients. It was always my intent through Additive Integrity to work with one primary client, rather than position myself as strictly a freelancer. Taking on project work does hold great appeal, though, and my editorial services are available, as possible, for work with publications and industry participants. Within a week of launch I was working with two industry publications and two industry clients, and already beginning to turn down additional inquiries — I am just one person, after all. The very immediate demand for writing and editing services was a strong testament to the growth in additive manufacturing in that so many stories need to be told.

What could we expect from Additive Integrity?

I believe so strongly in the need for grounded and honest reporting that I put ‘integrity’ into the company’s name; you can expect honesty above all else. With all the bad press, the press gets these days especially in my native US, I find that transparency is the best way to go about business. The name was also a fit as the technology is proving itself and there is integrity to additive manufacturing as we see end-use parts qualified for aerospace and other highly demanding applications. Through Additive Integrity, I intend to remain highly active in the industry, working with clients on a broad variety of projects. I look forward to a hopefully long career of telling the stories of this industry and the innovators within it.

Would you consider collaborations with media companies in the industry? (If yes, what type?)

Absolutely! I have already launched partnership announcements with 3DPBM and All3DP, and just this week launched with my primary client as I take on the role of Managing Editor at Fabbaloo. Fabbaloo will be my primary focus as I head daily content operations there, working with Kerry Stevenson on editorial and Marney Stapley and Emelia Nyarku on the business end. I’m incredibly excited about our focus on providing industry insights and interviews, along with commentary on and analysis of the latest trends and happenings in 3D printing. Not through Additive Integrity, I am also working closely with Women in 3D Printing. I author the Diversity for Additive Manufacturing reports for Wi3DP; so far, we have published Q1 and Q2 2018. Work with Wi3DP is incredibly close to my heart, and this is absolutely a labor of love. As time (and energy!) allow, I am also always open to additional collaboration. I feel very strongly that this industry works best when we see each other as collaborators, not competitors, and love to connect with the people making things happen — with technology, words, community, you name it.

According to you, what makes the AM industry interesting?

It’s a strange stance, but what makes this industry interesting for me is when it does things that are completely uninteresting. I honestly don’t care much about how the chair I sit in at my desk was made, but need to trust that it was done correctly; the more 3D printing comes into everyday applications and becomes part of the norm, the better the technology is advancing. We’re seeing parts on planes, 3D printing in hospitals, adoption in the automotive industry, on-demand manufacturing streamlining the supply chain — so many applications that touch our lives every day. It’s so interesting to me that in many (not all!) cases, 3D printing can fit well as a complementary technology, or as a replacement to traditional techniques, that can help to make human lives better.

Your last word?

I consider it an honor to continue work in the 3D printing industry and look forward to continuing to form and strengthen relationships with innovators of all kinds. If the best thing I can do in this life is to help share the stories of the people reshaping the world, literally saving lives and helping the planet, I think that’s something. For further information about 3D Printing, follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our newsletter Would you like to subscribe to 3D Adept Mag? Would you like to be featured in the next issue of our digital magazine? Send us an email at contact@3dadept.com //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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