Prusa launches a 3D model marketplace – and the World Map to engage users of his 3D printers

Following the recent updates of his 3D Printers, Josef Prusa comes up with a new concept to engage the community of over 100k printer owners that follows this incredible journey: a 3D model marketplace and the World Map.

If you are a real enthusiast, you are certainly constantly looking for new models on marketplaces to try on your 3D Printer. Well, the manufacturer of 3D printers is giving users the opportunity to share their G-codes.  

Given the fact that there is a great number of users that own the same hardware, it would be very easy to validate the G-codes (pre-sliced models) that will be shared.

 As far as the World Map is concerned, the founder of Prusa 3D printers explains how he came up with this idea: “As I travel around the globe, I notice how vibrant and active our community is, but it is incredibly hard to connect locally. So, we evolved the idea of the map we had on our website. Now, you can place your own marker in the map – either as a general (approximate) location, or exact one – e.g. if you are a business. You can choose from three options: if you want to help out other folks, print on demand or just hang out.  I just love the idea that we can provide this service to everyone with Original Prusa 3D printer and just like that create the largest print on demand network ever made.”

Prusa has always created a real excitement among the makers’ community but the launch of these two new concepts will create more than excitement: engagement and that’s something very hard to create in a community.

(Potential) users will be able to find the nearest users around them. They will be able to offer an optional “Show and Tell” service. Indeed, people are often interested in discovering 3D printing but reluctant to start discovering the technology by buying a 3D printer. This service enables them to appreciate the technology at their own rhythm before making the purchasing decision or not.

Other benefits of this World Map are the possibility for users to offer “Print on Demand” services and Tech Support. “Not everyone is capable of changing the nozzle or make basic maintenance, so why not help each other?”, concludes Prusa.

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