ProX® SLS 6100, the new SLS production systems of 3D Systems

As part of its new offerings for additive manufacturing solutions, 3D Systems launches the ProX® SLS 6100.

Notice is to be made that last week was already marked by a series of revelations regarding new services and products of the giant of 3D Printing: new production plastics and metal materials, Figure4, or even its additive metal platform.

The ProX® SLS 6100

It is a printing platform that enables customers to seamlessly scale from functional prototyping to low volume functional production parts.

By combining the printer, new materials, software and cloud-based services, this new solution addresses the majority of the plastic prototyping and production needs of the Automotive, Durable Goods, and Healthcare industries as well as satisfying specific needs for Aerospace interior cabin parts.

The 3D printer also provides larger parts than small-frame systems, industry-leading total cost of operation (TCO). For now, no information is given about its price, but the company said it is surprisingly affordable compared to other 3D printers of its range.

(3D Systems)

This launch is accompanied by the introduction of three new production-grade nylon materials to its broad portfolio of production SLS materials: DuraForm® ProX® FR1200 (used in the Aerospace market for interior cabin parts), DuraForm® ProX® EX BLK (ideal for short production parts such as vehicle dashboard) and DuraForm® ProX® AF+ (used for  covers and housings for motors, small engines for instance).  

For the CEO of 3D Systems, Vyomesh Joshi, “by combining production-grade nylon materials, an advanced software workflow and new SLS technology, the ProX SLS 6100 forms a versatile solution for functional prototyping and direct 3D production.”

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