Figure 4™, the new 3D production platform of 3D Systems

(PRNewsfoto/3D Systems)

Figure 4™, a fully-integrated direct 3D production platform, is now available in standalone and production configurations.

The platform combines services, technology, materials and software designed to further improve manufacturers’ production environments. It will help customers to fill the gap and move from rapid prototyping to full production, the expected final process.

Technically speaking, the platform integrates high speed digital molding, a process that speeds and simplifies the production of plastic parts.
According to experts, the platform allows up “to 15x throughput improvements versus competitive offerings, at up to 20 percent lower cost of current manufacturing processes.”

Last, its hardware lineup incorporates 4 models: Figure 4 Production, Figure 4 Modular, Figure 4 Standalone, Figure 4 Dental.

(3D Systems)

However, the last two will be available for the second and third quarters of 2018.

Figure 4 is a game-changing production solution for additive manufacturing that will help CEOs bridge the chasm and move from prototyping to production,” said Vyomesh Joshi, president and chief executive officer, 3D Systems. “Leveraging this platform approach helps us protect the investment of our customers and smooth the transition as they scale their operations.

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