In order to meet the strong demand for large parts and plastic parts, Prosilas recently purchased a second EOS P770.

It is not even a year ago that the company acquired the first EOS P770. However, this first acquisition enabled the Italian company to provide new markets with its services. Those new areas of activity include for instance, large prototypes as well as series production.

EOS P770

Images via Prosilas & EOS

The EOS P 770 is a Laser Sintering System with two lasers for the production of large parts and for industrial high-throughput manufacturing. Apart from its large building volume, the hardware and software features have been improved. It enables the system to be 20 percent more productive than its predecessor.

The EOS P 770 also allows the use of a wide range of materials including 10 commercial polymer materials and 18 combinations of materials/layer.

This new acquisition will enable Prosilas to double its production and supply its clients as quickly as possible.

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