Prosilas’ AM technology at the heart of “Eos meets the media”


On July 4th, Ms. Vanna Menco, CEO of Prosilas, participated at “EOS meets the media“, an event that aimed to highlight the additive manufacturing market in Italy.

Prosilas is an Italian company specialized in additive manufacturing. The company has made the SLS technology its core business and offers its services to a wide range of industries including automotive, design, toys and much more.

Images via Prosilas

Participants had the opportunity to discover the services of the Italian specialist, its passion for new technologies and above all the founder’s gut feeling for SLS; a choice that has enabled Prosilas to evolve since 2003.

rubber – Prosilas

In addition to Prosilas, the centre specialized in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) of polymer powders as well as the Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic University acknowledged on the Italian additive manufacturing market) have shared their respective experiences of 3D printing technology.

Through this event, EOS has showed the market how its additive manufacturing technology is exploited by key market players and how it can be used.

Lastly, if EOS has perhaps succeeded in attracting other potential collaborators, the meeting confirms the fact that Prosilas has become a partner of choice for various industries in Italy and beyond the country’s borders, as ITIS Magazine & Data Manager Online pointed out.

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