Plumen lights your home with ‘Ruche’, 3D printed lampshades

Plumen, a UK-based startup collaborated with Hook Phanthasuporn, designer and engineer to produce a series of 3D printed hanging lampshades. Shapes found in the world of plants inspired the creation of this 3D printed lampshade collection.


Ruche is not the first collection of 3D printed lampshades sold by Plumen. In 2015 the startup released Kayan, a 3D printed lampshade designed with the collaboration of Formaliz3d, an Italian 3D printing company.

For the dynamic startup, these forms look like they could have “grown from a seed.” They refer to something familiar that would have been impossible to create “in any other way than through the 3D printing technique.”

Made up of repeating strips that flow from youthful tips to mature, fanned out fins, Ruche shades are printed in a 300 micron layer height.” Using a PLA material, the manufacturing team used a fabric cable with ceiling rose and a cable length of 2m standard.

The bulb then looks like the opening of a flower. “Slips of light escape like rays of sun through trees, while the open base allows the brightness of the bulb to fully illuminate the surface below.

Plumen is recognized for its creative designs and low-energy light bulbs. The use of 3D printing technology will certainly help the company to reduce pollution linked to maritime transport and encourage a made-to-order service.

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