PERK: The 3D printed coffee machine

For coffee connoisseurs, to make a very good cup of coffee at home is not easy if you do not have the right coffee machine. Jakub Svec proposes a solution by creating a 3D printed coffee machine named “PERK“.

What difference with the others?

By combining a recirculating boiler and a nested infusion chamber, PERK is able to maintain accurate and controlled temperature for the brew, as well as extraction uniformity, which means that the coffee grains are distributed evenly and not clumping up as they brew. Essentially, the coffee machine is built to account for all the factors a barista would be tending to manually, just in an automated fashion.

What about the price?

With a sale price set at $ 299, PERK intends to make coffee that competes with those of the third wave. In order to start a large-scale machine production, Jakub Svec recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds.

He offers contributors a coffee machine for a contribution of $ 199.