PEAK unveils the world’s first 3D printed basketball boots

The world's first 3D printing basketball boots introduced by PEAK (PRNewsfoto/Peak Sport)

PEAK, a giant in the professional sports brands, introduces the first wearable 3D printed basketball boot. Peak is one of the leading brands in the footwear industry to apply the 3D printing technology in a sports’ shoe.


The evolvement of the Chinese footwear market


After the joint venture of RESA and eSUN to broaden 3D printed insoles market, it is the turn of PEAK to improve the walking conditions of consumers. Notice is to be made that the company first launched Future I, which is the first commercialized 3D printed sneakers.

Dwight Howard commented, “this pair of boots has obviously higher performance than traditional ones. I felt that the 3D printed soles and vamp side walls enable a more comfortable wearing experience. Maybe, one day in the future, you’ll see me wearing the 3D printed basketball boots, footwear designed based on R&D carried out by PEAK, during an NBA competition.”


The 3D printed basketball boots


PEAK deployed the SLS laser technology and the printing prototyping of the more flexible and lighter TPU powders in the design.

The Dwight Howard III-3D basketball boot deploys a 3D lattice structure in the middle of the sole, while using the 3D printed TPU structure for the vamp side walls, breaking existing design structure limits and expanding the room in which designers could allow themselves to be more creative, ultimately providing consumers with the world’s leading professional sports product that is both appealing in appearance and high-performance.

The world’s first 3D printing basketball boots introduced by PEAK (PRNewsfoto/Peak Sport)

Xu Zhihua, general manager of PEAK, said, “As a new prototyping and processing technology, 3D printing is of great significance to Chinese sports brands and the country’s Made in China 2025 strategy.”

Following introduction of the 3D printing running shoe and the 3D basketball boot, the brand plans to apply 3D printing technology to more products in the future, consistently providing consumers with innovative products.

Our goal is to transform PEAK into the world’s leading professional sports brand through continuous innovation and ongoing expansion into international markets,” he added.


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