eSUN partners with RESA to broaden 3D printed insoles market

Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. and ResaWearables, Inc. sign a joint venture to implement Shenzhen Resun Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.

Indeed, both companies aim at launching the 3D laser foot scanning, CAD design as well as 3D printing kiosks in China. Furthermore, this operation includes custom orthotics and terminal sales for the mass public.

If the shoe fits – preview of a RESA Wearables kiosk that will be rolled out across China in collaboration with eSUN. Photo via resawear on Facebook

The Chinese market has a rich history of being interested in body alignment and wearable technology products,” says RESA Wearables, Inc. Founder and CEO Glen Hinshaw.  “This joint venture will enable us to help advance the way that Chinese people understand and address their foot care needs and how they access the products they require for optimal foot health and physical comfort and performance.

Complete end-to-end production of insoles for customer’s shoes. An advanced foot 3D scanning module that measures the exact proportions of a customer’s foot is included.


Chinese medical-grade footwear market

After Future and Wiiv, it’s ResaWearables and eSUN’ turn of bringing innovation to the footwear market.

The foot care and footwear markets represent hundreds of billions of dollars in annual sales, but the majority of consumers with foot discomfort go largely underserved.  Off-the-shelf insole products do not sufficiently address most foot care needs and truly custom insoles have been primarily available through an inefficiently complicated, expensive and time-consuming process.  RESA has leveraged its highly advanced technology to change that reality.  

In this partnership, eSUN mainly provides proprietary filaments and materials used to create flexible, eco responsible, bio and electronic advanced insoles.

The reality is that one of the main strengths of eSUN is its wide range of biological materials and 3D filaments. The company will now lay more emphasis on research and development to get more environment-friendly materials. This will be a big innovation in the medical rehabilitation system.


What the user should do

3D insoles can easily adjust to the user’s feet. With a good customization, he can easily find the best way to relieve foot pain. “With dynamic capture and mapping of foot data, they can better offer gait analysis to measure the effect of insoles.”


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