Pastry Art: When Dinara Kasko invites 3D printing in the creation process

Architect and designer by training, Ukrainian Dinara Kasko is passionate about pastry. After 8 years in architecture, her hobby for cooking, finding and creating beautiful shapes for pastry became a passion, and a full-time job today.

In her search for the perfect rendering for her cakes, she discovers 3D printing and the advantages of this technology for her job. Let’s discover now how it all started. #OpinionoftheWeek

How did you come to 3D Printing?

I found interest in 3D printing as a new contemporary technology. I really like cooking so I try to combine this passion with new technologies. I print moulds… When I want to make new cakes, I think about new shapes. I have a lot of ideas, so once I make the 3D model, I print it in silicone … It’s pretty easy. People can then use the silicone mould and their cake will have the shape of the mould used.

Pastry made by Dinara
Have you ever used 3D printing before (as architect)?

No, I discovered this technology in this job. For my first mould, I sought information from friends and companies specialized in the field. The first mould was made from plastic (material). I realized that when you need a machine for a specific purpose, some manufacturers can build it and assemble the parts for you to receive a machine that best suits your needs. We also ordered other moulds … and since I bought my own 3D printer, I realized that I could print anything I want.

And did you encounter some difficulties?

Of course, I faced some problems with recipes, with moulds and even my 3D printer … it’s a whole work process… but I found my world, my hobby, my everything (3D printing, being part of this creative process) … so difficulties are part of the job.

Speaking about creation, to make a good silicone mould, I need to first make a certain structure. We have to assemble these parts … there are some technical parameters that should be respected. For example, we cannot print a mould longer than 18cm (we have a plate of 21×21 cm).Sometimes, there are some technical issues with the 3D printer, such as the lack of filaments that I did not realize in time or just a technical problem, when the printer stops working sooner.

Are your creations intended for exhibitions too?

No, I made moulds from silicon with a new plastic material and I want to test them with new recipes.

I am simply trying new recipes with different moulds.

Who is your primary target?

Different people can buy my material, be it the pastry chefs, bakeries, my fans (when they want to have an autograph) … everyone …

What do you think of the use of 3D printing in the food industry?

It’s not always beautiful, but … it’s quite interesting regarding the results one can get … People can use it for different reasons. It is possible to easily give life to ideas when one does not have a big budget to invest in materials or new technologies. It’s the beauty of technology.

What about your prospects for development?

For now, we are taking a break on moulds’ sales. We will launch our new brand next year (from February). We will have a new packaging, new recipes, new moulds … And we take orders from all over the world.

I will prepare videos and photos for new cakes with new shapes of moulds.

Your last word?

Time flies when you are doing what you love, work doesn’t seem like such a big, daunting task and you always get good results.


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