Other 3D printing technologies unveiled at #LMT Lab Day Chicago: the NextDent 5100 & the Velox 3D printer

Last week at LMT Lab Day, a number of technologies have been unveiled as part of digital dentistry. As part of these announcements, 3D Systems unveiled the NextDent 5100 and 18 new NextDent resins. The company brings by this way its NextDent portfolio to 30 materials.

NextDent 5100

In the dental industry, indications might often cause pain or might endanger the patient’s life. Example: if a person has advanced gum disease and has lost several teeth, this would mean the patient needs dental implants or dentures depending on the stage of the disease.

Via its solutions, 3D Systems enables dental laboratories and clinics to produce dental devices at dramatically increased speed – up to 4x faster than other available solutions – while reducing material waste and capital equipment expenditure as well as reliance upon milling centers.

Just as other 3D technologies dedicated to dentistry, this solution will enable the specialists to save time while producing prosthodontics and orthodontics. They will precisely earn 70% – 80% in the expected time to produce dentures. On the patient side, the latter will visit the dentist twice rather than the four to five standard visits.

The NextDent™ 5100 high-speed 3D printer – powered by revolutionary Figure 4™ technology combined with the broadest portfolio of dental materials – redefines the dental workflow. (image via 3D Systems)

The Velox desktop 3D printer will be integrated into the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution

Structo, a dental 3D printing solutions provider, recently unveils Velox, its desktop 3D printer with autonomous post-processing. As part of the LMT Lab Day in Chicago, the company announced a partnership with Glidewell Dental, provider of custom restorative services, materials and devices, which consists in the integration of the Structo Velox desktop 3D printer into the glidewell.ioTM In-Office Solution.

As a reminder, the Structo Velox comprises 3 stages – Print, Wash, and Cure – on a rotating carousel, fitting all these functions into one single low-footprint automated system. Its new pre-processing service, AutoPrint, is a cloud service that enables users simply upload an STL file, before the printer can start automatically without further assistance.

Glidewell’s solution simplifies the prescribing and delivering of laboratory-grade restorations. The workflow begins with an intraoral scan transferred to Glidewell’s fastdesign.ioTM Software, which serves to auto-design restorations.

Mike Selberis, Glidewell’s Chief Technology Officer said: “With the addition of the Structo Velox, the glidewell.ioTM Solution will be able to offer a complete suite of in-office applications covering intraoral scanning, desktop milling and now desktop 3D printing, giving clinicians an all-in-one solution for lab-grade appliance manufacturing in their own practice.”

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