Structo unveils a desktop 3D printer with integrated autonomous post-processing

The dental 3D printing solutions provider Structo unveiled its latest dental 3D printer: the Structo Velox, a desktop 3D printer that integrates autonomous post-processing features.

Thanks to its features, the 3D printer enables dental professionals to go from designed appliance to printed part at the push of a button.

The Velox system

The system of the desktop 3D printer integrates 3 stages – Print, Wash and Cure – on a rotating carousel, fitting all these functions into one single low-footprint automated system. Furthermore, the engine comprises AutoPrint, Structo’s new pre-processing service.

AutoPrint is a cloud service to which the user simply uploads an STL file, after which the nesting, supporting and slicing are taken care of – and the printer can start automatically without requiring any further user intervention.

Images via Structo3d

As far as materials management is concerned, Structo integrates a single-use cartridge-based system into the 3D printer which allows for easy material management and storage. The 3D printer can 3D print everything from models and surgical guides to denture bases and temporaries. Therefore, the Velox can be used in a wide range of dental applications: orthodontics, prosthetics, temporary restorations as well as fully guided implant cases.

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