Optomec’s metal additive manufacturing will be available in China

Following the partnership with Tesscorn to bring additive manufacturing in India, Optomec has announced a partnership with China-based distributor HUSUN in order to expand its metal additive manufacturing offering.

HUSUN promotes industrial 3D Printing solutions in China, its main clients belong to the Automotive, Aerospace, Academic industries. The company’s branches are located at Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

According to Ms. Qiao, General Manager of Husun Technologies, there is a large market opportunity for metal additive manufacturing technology in the region hence their interest in supporting LENS technology to various application fields in China.

3D printing in China

Two months ago, the Republic of China unveiled its new action plan for 3D printing. The country expects to achieve an annual sales revenue of over 20 billion yuan ($3 billion USD) in the 3D printing market with an average annual growth rate of at least 30%.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT), the country still lacks competences in key technologies and innovation capability. Furthermore, the breadth and depth of 3D printing applications is another sector which requires attention.

Last, foreign 3D printing firms are welcome to establish themselves in China.

So, Optomec, welcome in China!

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