NTU Singapore and Hyundai Motor Group to explore Electricle Vehicles’ Manufacturing with 3D Printing

As electricle vehicles seem to be the way to go to advance climate change concerns, car manufacturers are looking to explore new technologies to advance their operations and develop new models of cars.

Car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group is no exception to the rule since it recently partners with NTU Singapore to conduct a series of four joint research projects focusing on advanced solutions for the manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs) and to develop future mobility solutions.

Focusing on Industry 4.0 technologies, these projects aim to develop solutions that can transform conventional car manufacturing facilities into state-of-the-art factories of the future.

Four pilot projects on artificial intelligence (AI) and additive manufacturing (3D printing) will be explored in the initial stage which starts this month.

To ensure the quality of Battery Electric Vehicles (vehicles powered entirely by batteries), one of the projects aims to develop machine learning algorithms for vehicle image processing. The application of an AI-based image processing sensor in the plant will help detect defects and anomalies during the manufacturing process, ensuring high levels of safety and reliability of the final product.

That being said, several projects involving the use of AM for the production of EVs are currently in progress. Most of the projects aim to explore the use of AM for specific parts such as 3D Printed Copper Windings, or even batteries.

A way to attract and inspire new talents

Through this agreement, the two Singapore-based partners will also inspire and attract new talents in the automotive sector. They will launch 3D printing competitions, create a room for learning so that current professionals could learn more about the advantages of AM for EVs.

Last but not least, joint educational seminars where academics and industry experts can exchange ideas and improve their skills will also be organized for university students and researchers.

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