A few weeks after the launch of the da Vinci color, the 3D printers’ manufacturer introduces the XYZprinting Color 3D Gallery. The gallery full of color incorporates designs that are compatible with this 3D printer.

Full color 3D prints next to the da Vinci Color printer. (XYZprinting)

Full-color 3D printing and design, a priority for XYZprinting

In order to make the 3D gallery a real success, the 3D printers’ manufacturer collaborates with a select group of hand-picked designers. With a diverse background, these designers are specialized in 3D cosplay, game development, teaching, and YouTube.

They will constitute the Color Designers community, and are committed to updating the Color 3D Gallery with their exciting work over the course of the next 2 years.

XYZprinting knew that only innovating the world’s first full color 3D printer wasn’t enough; they committed to building the largest community of designers around it so the content would be as rich as the prints it could create.

There is currently over 1,000 full-color designs available for free download on XYZprinting’s Color 3D Gallery including those uploaded by the 15 Color Designers as well as user uploaded designs.

Tanya Weisner, a technical artist working in the game and software industry, said, “I’m already starting to implement the printer into my workflow for prototyping parts with logo mockups for my day job…(it’s) definitely going to be a nice low budget option for prototyping games and toys too especially for independent designers such as myself.

Designer Tanya Weisner shows off the full power of Color in her hands. (XYZprinting)

A color design challenge is launched until November 19th, to enable designers to win their own da Vinci Color 3D printer. Furthermore, it makes no doubt that, the more the community of designers will increase, the more the gallery will increase in volume and in color.

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