New high-temperature alloy has been qualified for VELO3D metal 3D Printing – a great benefit for gas turbine engines

Image caption: Unicore of a 20-kilowatt microturbine engine, being developed by Sierra Turbines, that was 3D printed on a VELO3D Sapphire metal AM system. The nickel-based alloy is exceptionally resistant to corrosion cracking and oxidation and is most often used to manufacture parts for combustion-zone gas turbine engines due to its high temperature strength. Image courtesy VELO3D - (French: Légende de l'image : Unicore d'un moteur à microturbine de 20 kilowatts, en cours de développement par Sierra Turbines, qui a été imprimé en 3D sur un système de FA métallique VELO3D Sapphire. L'alliage à base de nickel est exceptionnellement résistant à la fissuration par corrosion et à l'oxydation et est le plus souvent utilisé pour fabriquer des pièces pour les moteurs de turbines à gaz de zone de combustion en raison de sa résistance aux températures élevées. Image reproduite avec l'autorisation de VELO3D)

VELO3D  has announced the qualification of a new high-temperature alloy Hastelloy® X for its Sapphire metal 3D Printing technology.

The new qualified alloy is the result of a collaboration with air mobility and power generation specialist Sierra Turbines. The company’s goal is to produce 95% of their engine through metal additive manufacturing.

Power generation applications such as industrial gas turbines are a key focus for VELO3D so it is important that we qualify the right materials to serve that market,” states Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. “We will continue to add more of these types of compatible materials that enable customers to print parts they couldn’t before, yet with even better material properties than those produced by traditional manufacturing.”

The Hastelloy® X isanickel-based alloy which is well processed by a laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) technology. Resistant to corrosion cracking and oxidation, the metallic material is most often used for the production of parts for gas turbine engines for combustion-zone components due to its high temperature strength.

Sierra Turbines wants to lead aerial and power systems into a new way of manufacturing,” states founder and CEO Roger Smith. “That means pushing the limits of what is possible to create a more heat-resistant, lower maintenance, and higher-performing gas microturbine. VELO3D’s technology makes this the ideal manufacturing solution for turbines.”

VELO3D ‘s ability to enable geometric freedom through its patented SupportFree process is gaining popularity in the industry. The US-based manufacturer has recently received a $20M order for its metal Additive Manufacturing systems from an aerospace customer, the largest order to date for VELO3D since their commercial launch in September 2018. A few days before this announcement, the company announced it completed $40M fundraising round in the midst of COVID-19, increasing total fundraising to $150M to date.

VELO3D will continue to rise in the industry as it is able to provide better results to vertical industries adopting AM.

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