New 3D printing material would enable to produce ‘radio-realistic models’ which are visible under CT scans or X-ray.

Image via Stratasys

Designed for its digital anatomy 3D printers, OEM Stratasys has developed a RadioMatrix™ material that could produce radio-realistic anatomic models which are visible under CT scans or X-ray images. These models can exhibit a range of radiopacity values from -30 to 1000 Hounsfield Units (HU).

“This new material is allowing our customers to print radio-realistic models that exhibit defined and predictable radiopacity properties under medical imaging such as CT or X-ray,” says Ben Klein, Director of product management, healthcare solutions for Stratasys. “This material development was driven by customer requests to create radiopaque anatomic models, ones that can mimic human anatomy visualization under X-ray. We continue to push the boundaries of medical modeling with multi-material printing.”

In case you are not familiar with them, note that Stratasys’ digital anatomy 3D printers can be used for training simulations, pre-surgical planning and medical device development as they can fabricate full-color visual models and biomechanically realistic functional models.

The ability to 3D print models with controlled radiodensity is expected to ultimately improve visibility and traceability of medical devices, improve our production of bespoke and patient-derived phantoms for training and educational purposes, and enable new methodologies for improving CT image quality. This novel material opens the door to new applications and research opportunities, ultimately improving patient care delivery,” says Justin Ryan, Ph.D., Director of the Helen and Will Webster Foundation 3D Innovations Lab, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, Calif. U.S.

The Stratasys RadioMatrix radiopaque material is expected to be available in the United States later in Q3 2022.

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