New 3D printing company Forivory enters the market with auto-leveling FT400 3D printer

EN: A new 3D printer maker Forivory has entered the market with the launch FT400 3D printer based on FFF technology. Image Credits: Jelect FR: Forivory, un nouveau fabricant d'imprimantes 3D, est entré sur le marché avec le lancement de l'imprimante 3D FT400 basée sur la technologie FFF. Crédits image : Jelect

Today we are going to take you through a newly formed 3D printing company Forivory from South Korea which has launched the FT400 3D printer, based on FFF technology. 

It’s a new company established by the brand Jelect and the new 3D printer was launched in the presence of its distributor 3Dcloud in Seoul. 

Features of Forivory FT400 3D printer 

The company’s first product, the FT400 3D printer has an acrylic exterior and CNC machining manufacturing process. Forivory was inspired by plastic injection technology which replaces the natural plastic raw material – elephant ivory. The name of the new company was given Forivory to denote that. 

According to the R&D team of Forivory which built the FT400 3D printer based on the ‘high performance, high efficiency, stability’ characteristics,  Forivory’s XTC (X-axis gantry toolchanger) technology solves the problem of slow output speed due to large and heavy head. This would place it ahead of other multi-nozzle 3D printers in the market. 

The new 3D printer has a 5:1 gear ratio and is 40% lighter than other printers. It also uses a magnetic method which can quickly replace the extruder through latches on the left and right sides of the X-axis. This reduces the necessity of movements.  The CoreXY structure increases the operation speed of the FT400 3D printer from the IDEX method. 

The  FT400 3D printer has a build volume of 400 x 400 x 600 which makes it suitable to create 3D printed parts like helmets, thigh sockets etc. It can be used to produce AM parts for different industries like aerospace, medical, consumer goods etc. 

With the  XY gantry movement of the printer and the ball screw, the top and bottom layers of the 3D printed parts can be improved, eradicating any bed sagging errors. 

The printer also has fully auto-controlled levelling along the Z-axis with the help of 4 motors which reduces the need of manual levelling.  

A vision sensor system and  the input shape function of the 32 bit firmware controls the flow rate and minimises the inertia through pressure advance while maintaining  output quality. The company has included an ‘Active-heated chamber system’ in the FT400 3D printer for stable printing quality. 

The machine comes equipped with Maker Station software which can monitor the printing process through the mobile phone and can accomodate 4 filaments of 1 kilogram weight each in the device cabinet. Whenever the printer runs out of filaments it’s automatically supplied from a supply device. 

 The printer can use 3D printing materials like PLA PETG, TPU, and PP along with  engineered plastics like PC, ABS, Carbon, and Nylon.

The company started distributing in the Korean market while overseas delivery will begin in April 2024. 

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