Nasa’s Perseverance is on its way to Mars – This is the STL. file to 3D print yours

 Following three postponements, Perseverance finally undertaken a 7-month journey to Mars yesterday.

With the goal of searching for signs of past life on the Red Planet, the Nasa’s robot carries a drone-like helicopter which will demonstrate powered flight in the Martian atmosphere.

This launch is a huge milestone for Nasa, as Perseverance is its most advanced Mars rover ever today, even as engineers tackle a glitch that left the spacecraft in a protective “safe mode” shortly after liftoff. 

As the robot has been built with the latest technologies including AM, a technology that enables identical reproducibility of parts, NASA has made available for space fans a full-size replica of the Perseverance Rover, available for free download here.

Print-ready .STL files and assembly directions to make your own mini Perseverance Rover!

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