MSC Software and RMIT University Sign MoU to push AM forward in Australia

MSC Software Corporation (MSC) has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Melbourne-based RMIT University’s Advanced Manufacture Precinct. The agreement aims to push forward additive manufacturing in Australia.

RMIT University integrates a renowned advanced manufacturing Centre in Australia that combines researchers’ expertise in technology and design innovation. All the outlines of the agreement have not been released. However, based on MSC Software capabilities, we might expect RMIT University to take advantage of MSC Software’s Simufact Additive which offers a multi-scaling approach to solve all industry challenges.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, Simufact CEO confirmed that Simufact AM Simulation software will be used as part of this agreement: “Simufact Additive´s capabilities range from generative design & topology optimisation, to process simulation and post processing. This allows one to generate optimised components that are perfectly adapted to the operating conditions and ensure 3D printers can successfully produce the generated design”.

Prof. Milan Brandt, Technical Director at Advanced Manufacturing Precinct, RMIT University, said “Our vision is to be the leader in the implementation of the next wave of manufacturing in Australia. To this end, we believe in working closely with the best in the industry, both in Australia and internationally; as we go about developing the next generation of engineers, designers and technicians for the world. MSC Software’s Simufact Additive is a great package because it combines the best approaches in one unique software solution through a multi-scaling approach. We find it extremely valuable as it lays the foundation for a wide variability and scalability through different levels of detail for the simulation results.”


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