BAE Systems moves from several build trials to two builds per component thanks to Simufact Additive Software

Distortion of a simulated NVG (night vision goggles)– Source BAE Systems (Copyright BAE Systems plc.)

BAE Systems is a defence, security, and aerospace companyEven a multinational company can undergo challenges of a specific market. In the aerospace industry, aircraft manufacturers deal with specification requirements and lower batch volumes, rather than orders being placed for hundreds of aircraft at a time.

That’s why, they need to think out of the box when it comes to manufacturing. Integrating additive manufacturing is one tool that enables company like BAE Systems to achieve production on demand. However, this technology requires to master a set of stages before the actual production and one of this stage is simulation which enables to save time and cost in a production process. As a reminder, simulation is essential to determine the number of defects prior to the production; especially in metal 3D printing processes.

BAE Systems opened back in 2015 a new Product and Process Development Centre, where they have conducted trials of the market leading packages for the simulation of metal AM processes. At the end of this trial phase, they realize Simufact Additive software is the most convenient software for their trials. Furthermore, it should be noted that the company has already a certain expertise with MSC Software products. Indeed, they already use MSC Nastran, Patran, and MSC Apex.

For Msc Software, the mother company of Simufact Engineering, BAE Systems Air is a great partner because it shows that they offer best-in-class solutions. “With our MSC One product token system a complete portfolio of solutions can easily be deployed that works hand in hand with BAE’s applications,Paolo Guglielmini, CEO MSC Software said.

From five to two build trials

According to Simufact Engineering, BAE Systems can now reduce its build trials to just two builds per part with the future opportunity, through experience, reducing to a ‘right first time’ approach.

Real part of NVG (night vision goggles) – Source BAE Systems (Copyright BAE Systems plc.)

At this stage, they are pleased that their Application Engineers will use the MSC software solution that enables them to create the build preparation of a component in order to get the best orientation and support strategies for a particular build. Employing Simufact Additive, BAE Systems is now able to reduce the distortion in components by more than 70 per cent at the first iteration step.

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