MOBBOT start-up supported in the commercialization of its 3D printing systems for concrete

Founded by Agnès Petit, the startup MOBOT receives the Isabelle Musy award and its CHF 50,000 cash prize to achieve the commercialization of 3D printing systems for concrete.

The Isabelle Musy Award, has been created by a teacher of the same name. Retired today, she asked EFPL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) to recognize outstanding women entrepreneurs in the fields of science and technology.

Today, MOBOT is awarded

The 3D printing systems for concrete of MOBOT offer a rendering as smooth as if the concrete had been coffered.

Agnès Petit explained that “the wooden forms typically used for pouring concrete are too stiff and can’t be used to make customized shapes quickly and cheaply. And forms made using 3D-printing require a lot of raw materials and generate significant amounts of waste”. That’s what prompted her – backed by ten years of experience in the concrete industry – to found Mobbot, short for “mobile robot.

Moreover, with its robots, the start-up MOBOT aims at offering small robots that can be easily transported and that could help to eliminate a lot of obstacles in the field: 2D plans, the manufacture of formwork, the adaptation of the formwork in the field, etc.

MOBOT’s proposal would be of real use to the construction or art sector as research has already shown that it is possible to manufacture 3D printable concrete. In addition, in the field of art, this type of 3D printing system has been used to manufacture the Digital Chaiselongue.

We can’t wait to see the first achievements of MOBOT with its 3D printing systems.

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