Microsoft unveils adaptive 3D printed Pen Grips for the Surface Pen

As explained before, a lack of inclusive thinking in product design can have devastating consequences. Microsoft takes inclusivity into account for another product: the Surface Pen. A previous device that the company previously adapted is the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The device was adapted to make gaming more accessible to people living with disabilities.

Microsoft partnered with the disability community to design different shapes so that you can customize your Pen. Shapeways offers the Pen grip design shapes so that you can customize your Pen, including conical, bulb and marker. Each shape is available in a variety of sizes with the option to add texture (for conical or bulb grip). You’ll also be able to add a unique tail cap that works best for you,” the company explains.

The goal of the customization is to enable users to adapt the stylus. Shapeways 3D prints the grips, which you can then place on your Surface Pen.

For instance, people who have limited mobility in their fingers and hands, who will be using all five fingers to hold the pen, who have proprioceptive differences that the diamond texture may help with, have limited strength and need the pen to be lightweight, might prefer 3D printed pen grips without buttons.

On the other hand, people with limited mobility in their fingers and hands who need a wider edge as a comfortable resting place for the web of your hand and who prefer a balanced weight distribution might need 3D printed pen grips with buttons.

Image: 3D printed pen grips with buttons (on the left) and without buttons (on the right). Image: Microsoft.

Further details have not been disclosed regarding the type of AM technology Shapeways uses at the manufacturing level.


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