Metron E aims to make 3D scanning more accessible for industry applications

3D Scanners intended for industrial use are usually very expensive. Aware of this particularity of the market, Metron3D, a manufacturer of 3D scanning systems, aims to overcome this barrier with the launch of Metron E, a structured-light 3D scanner built for professional use.

Designers, engineers, educators, and researchers would find the perfect deal in terms of budget and quality with this scanner.

People are often attracted to the price of low-cost consumer-based 3D scanners but they feel disillusioned by the results when they try to use the scan data for work,” explained Paul Motley, CTO of Metron3D. “Metron E was created in response to this growing demand of professionals who want to implement 3D scanning technology into their operations for the first time and don’t want to spend too much on the capital investment. They can still get professional quality data they can trust with an affordable 3D scanner like the Metron E, in terms of accuracy, resolution, and repeatability. The scanner captures physical objects into digital 3D models for use in industry applications including 3D modeling, reverse engineering (scan to CAD), computer-aided inspection, and scientific measurement.”

A simplified use for both beginners and experts

The company explained that, there is no need to be a proven expert to use this 3D scanner. The Metron E would be easy to operate, even for professionals who are just getting started with 3D scanning.

With regards to technical specificities, the scanner generates accurate quality scans in about 1 second per scan. The E-HD model generates an average of 4.9 million data points per scan with an accuracy that can go up to 25 microns (0.025mm).

Metron E is powered by FlexScan3D scanning software that makes the 3D scanning experience user-friendly and efficient, from capturing 3D data to post-processing. Much of the 3D scanning workflow is streamlined and automated. Users can capture stunning 3D scans to create full digital 3D models in the quickest amount of time.”

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