Metal 3D printing company 3DEO is granted ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management

3DEO has received ISO 9001:2015 certification to further the commercialization of its metal 3D printing technology.

As a reminder, ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for a quality management system (QMS). The same certification has recently been granted to Additive Manufacturing powders producer Elementum 3D.

Matt Petros, 3DEO’s CEO, commented, “The ISO 9001 certification is a terrific milestone for 3DEO. A strong quality management system is the backbone of any world-class production line. The ISO certification marks an important step in realizing 3DEO’s long-term vision of leveraging next-generation technologies to build the world’s highest quality, data-driven factory of the future. In the previous generation of manufacturing, spot checks and random sampling were best of class. 3DEO is building a dynamic production line with real-time streaming data that allows ongoing monitoring and end-to-end closed-loop feedback. For 3DEO, ISO is the starting point of what we expect to become the next generation of manufacturing.

Companies that are granted this certification can operate are more efficient while responding to customer requirements. They can also ensure consistent production, and continuously improve all aspects of the production process.

It’s a rigorous process to become ISO 9001-certified. It only took three months to 3DEO to get it, whereas the normal process usually takes 6-12 months. This means that the company’s factory and its systems have been designed and built with process control and quality production methodology in mind.

3DEO which recently announced triple digit annual growth with its Metal 3D Printing technology is taking the right steps to achieve more.


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