3DEO records Triple Digit Annual Growth with Next Generation Metal 3D Printing

3DEO was just a metal 3D Printer manufacturer at the beginning. Its proprietary technology is called Intelligent Layering®. However, to compete in high-volume traditional manufacturing, the company evolved into a vertically integrated, next generation factory. This new business model meant manufacturers could gain the cost savings, design freedom, and manufacturing flexibility they need to compete – without having to shell out millions of dollars for a metal 3D printer and the supporting infrastructure.

As evidenced by 3DEO’s success metrics for 2019, this paradigm shift could be a forerunner to building the factory of the future.

We are very proud of the growth that was accomplished over the last year. It is clear that 2020 will be another record-setting year for 3DEO as our pace of adoption across all industries is accelerating. More than a metal 3D printing company, 3DEO is a solutions provider helping our customers tackle their most challenging manufacturing problems. What’s more, almost every customer we are working with is using metal 3D printing in production for the first time. We are in the trenches with our customers, and our growth curve is a testament to the demand for these solutions. In the end, our mission is to do for manufacturing what Amazon’s AWS did for the internet by offering low-cost access to flexible, scalable, and world-class manufacturing infrastructure,” Matt Sand, the company’s President, said.

Being “solutions oriented” has a significant impact in several key areas:

  • 600% growth in revenues for 2019 over 2018
  • 172% growth in the number of employees—3DEO has 60 employees compared to 22 employees in 2018
  • 566% increase in the number of production printers at 3DEO—printers are built with proprietary technology specialized for serial production—manufactured in USA.
  • 394% increase in number of parts shipped in 2019 over 2018—with approximately 25% of parts being for aerospace, 35% for medical and 40% for defense

We’re doing things in manufacturing that previously couldn’t be done,” Matt Petros, 3DEO’s CEO, said. “And we’re doing it by leveraging several enabling technologies that are converging right now in manufacturing—in a way that finally allows metal 3D printing to shift the serial production paradigm.”

Amidst a downcycle in manufacturing jobs in America, 3DEO’s new solution-focused business model is creating new jobs. High-tech production workers work with robotics and automation. The most noteworthy employee increase was in the R&D department. With over 25 engineers, 3DEO is continuously improving core processes and technology up and down the production line

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