Meet the T850P, Tractus3D’ s Peek 3D Printer

It’s been two days that it has been released and yet, the T850P is already gaining momentum. Manufactured by the Dutch company Tractus3D, the 3D printer is equipped with heated chamber and enables users to combine thermal management and high temperature printhead.

In this newly developed 3D Printer, the company relies on PEEK, a material that is acknowledged due to its capacity to withstand extreme temperatures. Maurits Blok, Commercial Director of Tractus3D explained that, with this material, the T850P is capable to produce strong and lightweight parts. “This material has properties that correspond to metals in terms of strength and heat and chemical resistance. Our clients find this material the ideal alternative for metal parts, and its applicable for medical applications as well, due to the sterilizability and biocompatibility of PEEK”, adds Maurits.

In addition to PEEK, the 3D Printer is also compatible with advanced materials such as PEEKQ and ULTEM conventional materials like PLA and PETG.

Furthermore, Tractus3D gives its users the possibility to achieve small batch production. With a build volume of 300mm x 380mm (diameter x height), the 3D Printer has already convinced companies like Trelleborg, provider of high-tech sealing solutions.

PEEK, a material that is unanimous in the 3D printing community

PEEK is certainly one of the materials that arouses questions, but also research & development from the specialists of this community. And for good reason, the material provides some properties that are not seen with other additive manufacturing materials.

Companies like Roboze, Solvay and even 3DGence are a few manufacturer that provides this material to the 3D printing community.


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