MeaTech develops a Unique Multi-Nozzle 3D Bioprinting System to scale production of cultured meat

Historically, multi-nozzles have often provided the advantage to ensure the control of your printing system while saving material and time, and delivering a higher quality product. So, it’s not a surprise to see some machine manufacturers upgrade their process with a multiple-nozzle printing head – like MeaTech 3D Ltd just did.

The deep-tech food company that specializes in 3D bioprinting cultured meat has developed a unique multiple-nozzle modular printing head in-house. This solution can produce complex meat products with pinpoint precision at an industrial rate of production without impacting cell viability.

It’s the first time that a company develops this type of technology for the food industry. With this development, MeaTech ambitions to mass produce cultured meat using cells and bio-materials.

The company says its new modular bioprinting design allows flexibility with up to hundreds of nozzles and multiple bio inks with low- and high-viscosity. The expert has also developed a software that provides manufacturers complete digital control to produce a wide variety of cultured meat products based on any desired complex 3D models.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of MeaTech: “We are excited to capitalize on this technological achievement which we believe, through our private subsidiary, will speed up MeaTech’s entry into the market as the leading supplier of advanced cultured meat bioprinting technology and services to third-party food-sector players.”

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As a reminder, MeaTech’s private subsidiary, based in the Rehovot Science Park, the epicenter of Israel’s food-tech industry, is focused exclusively on developing and commercializing MeaTech’s 3D-printing capabilities in-house and to third parties in the food tech sector. This will allow MeaTech to expand and accelerate the company’s path toward market entry and address a lack of broader technology infrastructure in the cultured meat industry for customized mass production.



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