Materialise provides a 3D printed guide for shoulder surgery

Yosra K.

Passionate about new technologies, I discovered 3D printing through different professional experiences. Aware of the importance of this technology for today's and tomorrow's markets, it is with great pleasure that I share the latest news and analysis related to it, so that you in turn, can take advantage of it. #Staytuned #3DAdept

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  1. April 11, 2018

    […] Airbus takes on 3D printing with the help of Materialise’s Certified Additive Manufacturing. Materialise continues to firmly plant their foot within the industry by continuously providing their additive manufacturing aid. An example of this is its help in providing 3D printed guides for shoulder surgery. […]

  2. September 5, 2018

    […] 3D printing companies in order to improve medical operations. Materialise for instance, provides a 3D printed guide for shoulder surgery. Just like Stratasys today, 3D Systems and Stryker distribute VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) […]

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