Materialise acquires a 75% stake in Engimplan, a Brazil-based manufacturer of orthopedic and cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implants and instruments. The Belgian 3D Printing specialist’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of personalized 3D Printed implants.

Until last year, analysts were saying that the 3D Printing market in Latin America was still nascent. Companies of the industry increasingly invest in this market to further the adoption of additive manufacturing. Following the example of Renishaw, Materialise gives us a key indicator that the market is appealing and worth of investment when it comes to additive manufacturing.

The Belgian 3D Printing specialist is now the main shareholder in Engimplan. The deal will be closed in the upcoming days but the company has already announced plans of expanding the medical specialist’ s portfolio with its 3D printed implants and expertise. The agreement also includes that Materialise benefits from the company’s distribution network in Brazil.

The benefits of personalized implants are no secret

Engimplan has been developing and commercializing orthopedic & CMF implants for decades now. The only thing is that is product offering still comprises standard solutions and patient-specific CMF implants that are complementary to Materialise’s product portfolio.

With Materialise’ presence, it makes no doubt that the company will further expand its product suite and integrate 3D Printing technologies.

 Indeed, if patient-specific implants offer unique benefits for the treatment of orthopedic and cranial trauma and reconstruction, 3D printing provides additional benefits by allowing the development of truly personalized implants that take into account the patient’s unique anatomy. 

This investment by Materialise sends a strong signal to our customers and the industry that we remain committed to developing our innovative solutions that improve the lives of many people, and that we have the confidence and support of a pioneer and global leader in 3D printing”, says José Tadeu Leme, CEO of Engimplan. “Together, we can introduce new levels of innovation in the development of personalized implants in Brazil.”

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