HCL Technologies, the IT services company aims at facilitating the manufacturing process of metal parts. Such strategy can be achieved through the freedom of design allowed by AM, as well as the speed and accuracy of CNC machining.

In order to increase the integration for hybrid manufacturing, HCL Technologies’ software, CAMWorksR  will be powered by Materialise AM technology. Such type of collaboration is also an opportunity to supply an integrated CAD/CAM solution for hybrid manufacturing in a SOLIDWORKS environment.

Heat exchanger produced at the Materialise Metal AM factory in Bremen_1

Hybrid manufacturing  

Hybrid manufacturing takes advantage of the potential of subtractive and additive processes to manufacture parts of complex design and close tolerance. Indeed, just as 3YOURMIND and Identify3D did, the integration of CAM software in one platform ensures the traceability of the production process while reducing manual work.

Users of the new CAMWorks AM module Powered by Materialise, will be able to create support structures directly in CAMWorks and interface with the main metal printers via the Materialise Build Processor. It goes without saying that such integration requires a deep understanding of both subtractive and additive processes.

Heat exchanger produced at the Materialise Metal AM factory in Bremen_2

Furthermore, as far as technical specificities are concerned, CAMWorks improves the SOLIDWORKS Smart Manufacturing environment by providing a technology accessible for 3, 4, and 5 axis milling, turning, and mill-turn CNC that one can directly program inside SOLIDWORKS.

The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite has already convinced more than one in the industry. Its portfolio of clients increases over time and we wonder what would be the competitive software used by other industrials on the market.

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