Massivit 3D Printing Technologies come to Belgium!

If you can imagine it – we can print it”. This was the message Massivit wanted to convey to those who had the chance to participate at the installation of its 3D printing system in Belgium. Organized by Digital Dot, the event also marked the beginning of a collaboration between Massivit and Digital Dot, now distributor of Massivit’s 3D printing systems in Benelux.Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd is an Israeli based company focused on large scale 3D printing. You have probably already read about the creations achieved with such a 3D printing system on 3D Adept: from 3D printed sports gear to visual applications and the creation of a 3D printed skeleton during a Mexican festival.

As far as the printer is concerned, it can produce complex design with minimal parts which is said to bring a cost-effective assembly. The big-size printer would have maximum productivity (build up rate of up to 35cm / 14in per hour), dual-object printing, which is optional, easy to operate, leaner, lighter and greener with the printer speed-powered by GDP technology.

An interest in the retail market

Massivit has a strong interest in the retail market, amongst other markets of course, such as the HORECA sector.

“People and/or companies are now printing their business cards in forms of banners, truck sites, and other big displays,” explained the Massive representative. People are looking to diversify their activity – to be unique in order to propose something new to their customers all the while protecting their margin.A lot of customers are in the 2D sign and display market. Massivit helps these customers by trying to add dimensions to their solutions. “We are not here to replace but to broadcast a message that 2D and 3D can be a nice merge. Brands are continuously being pushed to offer something different, so why not appear different to the market,” explained a Massivit representative.

Billboards are being replaced by big screens. Take for example the way one walks down the street. The person is most likely buried in his or her smartphone to notice the environment. Massivit truly believes that in order for such an individual to stop dead in its tracks is for them to come face to face with a never before seen, huge object. This person will see this object, take a picture – share with friends on social media, thus creating a buzz. We are not bringing you a new fact here, “The new way of communicating with people today is via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat – social media.”Sometimes, brands want to launch aggressive campaigns– what we call a “wow” effect. With the use of 3D printing, they have the opportunity to take advantage of the effect of 3D models on the mass audience, to attract double the attention and to bring the target to the strength of the introduction of 3D models in a marketing campaign is the power to attract the attention of the target and to make it stop.

The range of applications is huge today and everyone is grasping this concept of printing digitally.

On behalf of Belgium, we are surely ready to see 3D printed objects around the country courtesy of Massivit.

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