Festival-goers enjoy the Mexican Festival around a 3D printed head-turning skeleton

The Mexican Festival of Light celebrations in Guadalajara is a four-day event that highlight the culture of Guadalajara. Since the event is also marked by light and artwork, companies as well as individuals take this opportunity to express their creativity.

In that sense, Moti Digital, a provider of graphic and creative solutions that suits every need 3D printed a towering, head-turning skeleton for the occasion.

With the help of a Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution, the company 3D printed a skeleton of 8.40m (27.52ft) long and 3.60m (11.8ft) tall. In four days, they achieved the printing, and painted the skeleton which was positioned inside the Plaza Tapatía fountain pool. The latter is illuminated at night, and thousands of festival-goers were able to sit in the skeleton’s arms.

As far as the 3D printing solution is concerned, it should be noticed that, for now, it mainly attracts providers of graphic and creative solutions. Eclipse Corp., another company of the same range, recently purchased the system to expand its service offering and increase its market shares compared to traditional print company competitors.

We can’t wait to see the opportunities the Massivit 1800 3D Printing Solution will bring to other sectors.

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