Makerbot Enhances the METHOD 3D Printer’s Experience With New Clean Air Smart Hepa Filtration System

3D printer manufacturers are increasingly taking in charge themselves some issues that were addressed by other solutions’ providers before. I am talking about the most complex tasks like post-processing or the underestimated ones like 3D printing filaments’ storage.

In this vein, MakerBot has unveiled a Clean Air smart filtration system. Designed to enhance the 3D printing experience with the METHOD® and METHOD X® 3D printers, the smart-controlled HEPA filtration system integrates a HEPA filter designed that filters ultra-fine particles during the fabrication process.

According to the manufacturer, the solution provides an automatic control of the HEPA lid and takes into account ambient conditions, chamber temperature, and model material. Furthermore, once it I in operation, it removes up to 95% of ultra-fine particles compared to printing without the accessory.

We are committed to being world-class in safety as we advance 3D printing’s use worldwide,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. “From meeting industry certifications to delivering 3D printing solutions that support safety, our goal is always to exceed global industry benchmarks.

As a reminder, the METHOD, METHOD X and SKETCH™ 3D printers already integrate several safety features, from enclosed build chambers to “automatic pause” mode and built-in particulate filter. Indeed, an enclosed build chamber will prevent operators from being able to touch the parts or extruder when printing; the “automatic pause” mode is activated when the chamber door is opened during the printing process while the built-in particulate filter enables safer printing in school environments.

The addition of this filtration system does not only seamlessly integrate into the manufacturer’s 3D printers, it also ensures industry safety, sustainability, and compliance practices for existing and future users.

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