Wematter unveils new water-jet cabinet that post-processes 3D printed parts with water and compressed air

Since it emerged from its stealth mode with the release of its Gravity SLS 3D printer, Wematter has not been resting on its laurels. The Sweden-based company has continuously been investing extra miles to cement its place in the additive manufacturing arena. From new equipment to enhance its build chamber conditions to the recent investment round it secures, the company is committed to proving attractiveness as a company and provides excellent conditions to take the next step in its growth forward.

This being said, the release of its new water-jet cabinet today aims to help reduce the time it takes to go from a 3D-printed part to a finished end-product. Named Density 2021 Gen II, the solution post-processes 3D printed parts with water and compressed air, in order to enhance productivity.

The expert explains in a press release that the new changes, at their core, still use high-pressure water to treat powder-based 3D prints after printing. This is a method that is gentle compared to other AM blasting techniques to avoid affecting the surface structure of the prints. This unique offering is enhanced by a new feature for quickly testing prints after water blasting by selecting the Density’s drying feature, utilizing a compressed air gun.

By first using water to remove excess material with Density, cleaning of 3D models is done quickly and safely compared to using only compressed air. In comparative tests, we have in some cases measured a reduction in the finishing time by up to 83%. From one hour to ten minutes per batch of 3D prints “, explains Robert Kniola, founder, and CEO of Wematter.

Designed for several AM processes

The machine manufacturer explains that the system would be easy to use and to install. During the post-processing stage, water flows in a closed environment which means this is an economical process since no drain or external water connection is not required. Thereafter, an integrated compressor drives the compressed air while the solution connects to a standard wall socket.

“The versatility makes Density 2021 Gen II the obvious post-processing choice for 3D printers, whether you are cleaning powder in the Powder Bed Fusion segment, removing wax from a PolyJet-printed part, or removing soluble support structure such as polyvinyl acrylate from an FDM print”,concludes Robert Kniola.

New characteristics embedded in the Density 2021 Gen II

As stated in a press communication of the company, here are the key features one will find in the new post-processing solution:

  • Ergonomic hatch for loading 3D-prints with a dome of impact-resistant glass. You open it from the front and it is conveniently held up by a gas spring
  • A larger protective window that lets in more light and provides better visibility
  • A larger filter that collects more excess powder before it is saturated. Placed inside the chamber which facilitates filter replacement and maintenance
  • Larger chamber volume that provides increased water capacity, including visual flood protection. This enables larger and more 3D prints per job
  • Integrated compressed air activated at the touch of a button. Used to dry prints faster or to blow away residual powder in cavities
  • Gloves in a new position and with a new shape that allows users of varying heights to find a comfortable working posture
  • Fully cast cleaning chamber with continuous sweeping surfaces together with a dehumidification system for a hygienic environment

Density 2021 Gen II will be available as a part of the Gravity SLS ecosystem which is rented via a monthly subscription but also as a stand-alone solution for companies who want to complement their existing 3D-printing post-processing.

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