As part of the “Two for the Crew” challenge organized by Future Engineers, an online platform for student challenges, winning teen designs will be 3D printed by Made in Space on the International Space Station (ISS).

The “Two for the Crew” Challenge is the sixth design competition that enable K-12 students to invent useful items for astronauts living in space. The objective is not really far from the one of the 3D printed habitat challenge launched by the NASA. However, as far as the “Two for the Crew” challenge is concerned, participants were invited to engineer a multifunctional object that combined two items into one for 3D printing by crew members aboard the International Space Station. Indeed, they had to take into consideration that reducing mass and volume is of paramount importance while talking about space exploration.

Winners and awards

It should be noted that two competitive age divisions constituted the challenge: Teens (ages 13-19) and Juniors (ages 5-12). There were winners in each division and for a premiere, there was a tie in the teen division.

Both winners in the teen division (the Trillium Tool by Ansel Austin and Austin Suder’s Carabiner Tool Clip) will see their designs 3D printed on the space station by Made In Space.

Ansel Austin, de Cupertino, CA winner of the teen division «Deux pour l’équipage»,will 3D print this design

Made in Space is a USA-based start-up that took advantage of 3D printing to set up a system, that can allow space-optimized satellite design and deployment.

Furthermore all 20 semifinalists have won a 3D printing-in-space prize pack and all eight finalists have won a MakerBot Replicator Mini+ 3D Printer donated to the school or educational organization of their choice.

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