Leveraging advanced manufacturing technology in a newly launched company: the story of KAM

This is the story of Brad Keselowski. Acknowledged as NASCAR champion, the driver launched yesterday a new company, Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM), that aims to leverage the potential of advanced manufacturing.

The driver takes advantage of the knowledge acquired from motorsports to deliver services that might serve beyond this area.

In addition to tens of millions of dollars invested in equipment and expertise that will be based in the 70,000-square-foot space, the Statesville-based facility has already 30 employees and plans to hire up to 100 people by the end of this year.

To make this kickoff a success, KAM has partnered with other big players of the industry: ALSCO, BIG KAISER, GE Additive, Mazak Corp. and Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions. They will provide support in terms of technicians, engineers and technologies.

KAM relies on hybrid manufacturing

Brad K. may know the potential of additive manufacturing, and even more of metal additive manufacturing. Therefore, to leverage the maximum benefits of these technologies decides to combine them and create a hybrid manufacturing.

As the company says, this combination of diverse metal manufacturing technologies allows KAM to be a high-tech solutions provider for customers.  Industries such as aerospace and medical are seeing the benefits from this approach utilizing the technology on a smaller scale.

The KAM model is aimed at building custom solutions in metal hybrid manufacturing that offer a set of distinct advantages for its customers:

  • Speed: To take products to market faster than the competition
  • Quality: For defect-free products that will meet or exceed the demands of the customers
  • Engineering: Helping customers develop innovative solutions
  • Hybrid Manufacturing: Leveraging multiple disciplines and procedures

For instance, in aerospace, creating plane parts using additive manufacturing, also known as 3D metal printing, allows for weight reduction and longer performance from the parts.  Within the medical industry, the technology is being applied to create solutions that improve patients’ quality of life and is poised to affect the overall human experience in new and exciting ways.


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