Sakuu Corporation

Known for the production of lithium-ion solid-state batteries using 3D printing, KeraCel Inc. has rebranded as Sakuu Corporation to reflect alignment with its newly developed advanced additive manufacturing platform.

The company has developed an automated multi-process additive manufacturing to “build complex fully functional devices at industrial rates”, providing this way another alternative to manufacturers looking to achieve mass production.

In addition to 3D printed solid state batteries that might enable production of cells with ceramic-based electrolytes and lithium metal anodes, the company can now achieve a wide range of broad applications with its Sakuu 3D printing platform, applications which include active components for several markets such as healthcare, IoT, aerospace and defense.

Although our first application is a solid-state battery, our technology potential extends way beyond energy storage and into a host of applications in an array of industry sectors,” says Robert Bagheri Founder, CEO and Chairman, Sakuu Corporation.

While it might be too soon to pronounce on the capabilities of the machine, we can already note that Sakuu Corporation ambitions to address the approximately $800 billion digital manufacturing transformation using its flagship Sakuu AM platform.

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