Musashi Seimitsu Industry and KeraCel signed a partnership to develop safe, 3D printed, solid state batteries for motorcycles.
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co. Ltd is a Japanese company that develops critical products for the global vehicle market. KeraCel on the other hand, produces lithium-ion solid-state battery that might enable production of cells with ceramic-based electrolytes and lithium metal anodes. At the beginning of this year, the company has started to manufacture a multi-material ceramic battery using 3D Printing

According to the company, its AM process will allow virtually any shape or size of cell to be built for a multitude of applications without changing equipment or tooling, directly under software control. The company claims that with such production, they are able to achieve energy densities 2-3 times greater, or at a cost of less than 50% when compared to Lithium Ion cells today for the same energy level. 

3D printed batteries

There are several approaches to solid-state battery production that are currently being explored at various research institutions. 

It should be noted that solid-state batteries differ from standard lithium-ion counterparts as they replace the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes with a solid. We then obtain batteries that are smaller, higher-capacity and potentially safer to use. The various advantages offered by solid-state batteries have led a number of major automotive companies, like ToyotaBMW and Honda, to develop akin solutions for their electric vehicles.

This partnership with Musashi will certainly foster the development of its additive manufacturing solid state battery technology to high volume production. “Partnering with Musashi enables KeraCel to develop safe, high energy batteries for automotive market,” said Robert Bagheri, Keracel’s Chairman and CEO.

Musashi aims to drive sustainable growth while investing in the world’s energy sustainability and conserving the environment. “We are excited to explore the technological innovation for solid state batteries together with KeraCel,” said Hiroshi Otsuka, President and CEO of Musashi Group.

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