Founded in 2004, SHINING 3D is one of the first Chinese OTC stock companies in the 3D digitizing and printing industries segment. With headquarters in Hangzhou, China, the company owns subsidiary offices and is present in strategic cities around the world (in Stuttgart, Germany and San Francisco, California in the United States).

SHINING 3D’ mission is to make all 3D imaging and manufacturing technologies accessible to all; from home hobbits to large multi-national corporations worldwide. In addition to its technology offering, SHINING 3D offers services and its manufacturing capacity for the development and manufacturing of customized or personalized products.

The company recently signed an agreement with EXO-L team up to provide Ankle 3D Scanning Service to Customers. A month before, the company announced a collaboration with AGE Solutions to develop a 3D digital dental software. Those activities raised our interest in the company’s activities and the innovations it unleashes with its 3D technologies.

Sunny Wong, Global Sales Manager & Director EMEA and Niels Stenzel, Account Manager EMEA share their thoughts on the company’s 3D technologies and this recent collaboration with EXO-L. #OpinionofTheWeek

What are the different applications of your 3D technologies? – What is the most demanding sector?

SHINING 3D develops, manufactures and commercializes a wide range of 3D technologies, including 3D scanners for multiple industries and applications, 3D printers for both consumer markets and additive manufacturing industry and 3D materials. The company also offers 3D design and manufacturing services as well as a 3D network cloud platform.

SHINING 3D’s cohesive solutions have been successfully applied to numerous industries in the automotive, aerospace, mold and die, electronics, consumer goods, dentistry, orthopedics, cultural relic archival, sculpture, construction, energy, scientific research, vocational education and etc.

The most demanding sector is the Einscan series scanners for multi 3D digitizing applications, dental scanners for digital dental applications and metal printer for the professional industrial field.

How did the collaboration with EXO-L start?

Thanks to Shining 3D Einscan reseller in the Netherlands. The first time EXO-L saw Shining3D product, it was at a 3D printing exhibition organized by the reseller in the Netherlands in 2017. Then, we stayed in touch and later, discovered more about the application of EXO-L.

In July 2018, following EXO-L’s invitation, Shining3D had the opportunity to provide support in scanning the German Hockey Club national players in Heilbronn, Germany. The fast scanning speed of Einscan-Pro+ enabled to scan both ankles within 15 seconds and to easily obtain high-quality 3D scanning data. The scanning data were thereafter sent to EXO-L to manufacture the final ankle protection product. This work led to our collaboration. From this successful step, we have invited all the Shining3D Einscan Pro users to offer the scanning service.

The collaboration with EXO-L mentioned a paid scanning service. How does it function exactly? Does that mean everyone owning a 3D scanner of Shining can make people pay for this service?

For the paid scanning service, we are inviting our global customers who already own the Einscan-Pro/Pro+ scanner (the multi-functional handheld scanner) to scan the ankle of the customers from EXO-L, then send the scanning data to EXO-L for the manufacturing of the final product. All the participated Einscan-Pro/Pro+ users can benefit from this offer.

Is there a specific platform that will be launched in order to enable people to subscribe to this service?

No. Now the main platform is through emails and phone calls.  But your question inspires us.☺

What are the different geographical zones within which people might expect to benefit from this service?

There are no limited and strict geographical zones, because the Einscan users can send the 3D scanning data via email to EXO-L to make the final product.

Apart from the Ankle 3D scanning service, could we expect another collaboration with EXO-L? If yes, in what field?

Currently, the main collaboration is the Ankle 3D scanning service worldwide, hope we can get success from this event first. Maybe we can explore more ankle service or sports related field in the future to help more and more people have customized sports protection tools for different parts of the body.

Your last word?

We hope that this Shining3D and EXO-L ankle scanning service can involve more and more Einscan users to provide the scanning service world to the local ankle worldwide. SHINING 3D and EXO-L are working together to explore a new solution to reduce ankle injuries worldwide by integrating advanced 3D scanning technology into professional ankle protection products.

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